Plans & requirements are clarified and development flows & temporary budget are confirmed.


Samples of products in accordance to plans & clients’ request are produced and evaluated.


The process of designing tubes and/or packaging begins after trial product evaluation is confirmed.


Final quotation is presented to clients once all the specifications are confirmed.


The product is manufactured according to the confirmed specifications.


The product is professionally packed and finally delivered to the client.

Delivery Time

Approximate delivery time of cosmetics and quasi-drugs.

Cosmetics 3-6 months


Quasi-drugs 3 months - 1 year


What is the most important thing for you when you are planning to produce a new hair care and cosmetic product? We believe that it is the strong proposal that appeals to your necessity as well an attractive concept behind the product that fulfills our customer’s’ dream. We learned this in our 60-year experience in Japan’s hair care and cosmetics industry.

No matter how good a product is, it has to have a meaning and a feeling, in short, a story, to attract customers. Otherwise a new product may have little value on the market here in Japan or elsewhere.

Kindai Kagaku is committed to work with you and produce products that will both offer dreams and fulfill them. We’ll be working closely with you, side by side, during this journey of making and fulfilling a new dream.

Have you ever wondered this?: “I want to make a new product, but I have no idea where to begin!”, “I wonder how long and how much it’ll take to produce a new line of our products in Japan…” We are here to provide you our proven expertise in production as well as marketing strategies. Let us take you through the four fundamental process of marketing.

PRODUCTS: ‘Vague’ is good
You have a vague idea? That’s a great place to start. We’ll work with you to add a shape to the rough ideas you may have. Good questions to explore include:

Is the product you want to make shampoo or treatment?
What kind of naming do you want to give your product or brand?

For the customers who are going to use your product every day, what shape and size of the container is attractive? What is important is not just on the outside, but also the ingredients in the product. We’ll assist you in deciding the special ingredients and features for the product.

PRICE: Attractive pricing
Deciding the price for the new product may seem easy. In fact, it can be surprisingly difficult. You can set a low price so that anyone can purchase at ease. At other times, you may wish to create a luxury feeling for the product which can have a higher price. The price that you set is closely related to the brand name and the features of the product. We’ll offer our expertise in pricing for a range of products.

PLACE: Making products visible
It is crucial to clarify how you are going to sell your new products. There is a variety of distribution channels for you to consider. At general stores and drugstores, customers can pick up and actually learn about your product. Today, online shop is a vital sales channel. It is thus important to consider various online venues where you can place your new product prominently.

PROMOTION: The power of ‘Made in Japan’
In promoting our new products and brands, you must capitalize on the famous three words – “Made in Japan”. Various marketing research shows that to customers in our modern time, ‘Made in Japan’ signals ‘high quality’ and ‘trustworthy’. According to American magazine Forbes, ‘Made in Japan’ used to mean ‘cheap, shoddy goods’ in the 60s in the US. Today, however, the same three words are “a positive, welcoming, almost alluring sign, extolling innovation, attractive design, user-friendliness–and best of all, long-lasting products, quite the opposite of the original meaning of the 1950s-60s”.

The brand of ‘Made in Japan’ is so powerful today. Producing your new products in Japan and having the ‘Made in Japan’ credential will be one of the most effective promotion strategies.

Marketing Mix (4xP)

Foundation of Product Manufacturing