Acquisition of personal information

In the event that our firm is provided with personal information from our customers, we will use this information for the purposes (hereinafter "purpose of use") that we have made clear in advance. However, in the following cases we may omit the purpose of use:
・ Personal information received made from inquiries via the website, telephone, FAX, email etc.
・ Personal information that is received from the exchange of business cards etc.

Range of personal information

If our firm receives information from our customers, it will generally include the following items.
Our customer's name, company name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Purpose of use of personal information

Our firm will use personal information provided from our customers in the range of the following purposes:
・To contact our customers
・To provide services, such as mail distribution, events and campaign notices etc.
・Furthermore, in the event that we request other information with the purpose of providing our customers with better service, we shall make clear beforehand the purpose of this information.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

Our firm will not disclose to any third parties personal information received from our customers, except if any of the following cases applies:
・ If we have the customer's consent
・ If we are compelled to do so for any legal reasons or from any relevant agencies
・If, in the above mentioned cases, disclose of the personal information would not allow the customer to be identified

Protection of personal information in linked sites from our firm

Our firm cannot accept responsibility for the protection of personal information in the websites of third parties that are linked from our website. We would ask our customers to please check for themselves the privacy policy in each of the relevant links for information about the management and protection of personal information in each of those sites.

Revisions to this policy

In the event that we make a revision to this policy concerning the range, purpose of use or the acquisition of customer's personal information, we shall display these revisions on the website and we shall make an announcement in the latest news area

Our firm recognizes the importance of protecting our customer’s personal information and we take the utmost care to comply with all laws and ordinances. We consider the protection of our customer’s information to be our social responsibility. In order to give our customers peace of mind and to allow you to use our website we have established a privacy policy. In accordance with this policy, we strictly handle your personal information.


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